A walk through the upper
west side

Welcome to the neighborhood, one that's anything but cookie cutter. With its slightly more relaxed atmosphere, many tree shaded streets and mix of dowager townhouses and high rises with towering views, it's become one of the most prized part of the city. It's a neighborhood rich in diversity-from informal local eateries to luxe Lincoln Center-a part of New York that's as passionate and multidimensional as you are.

Start your neighborhood tour at Columbus Circle. See the lofty, curvilinear glass Time Warner Center. Shop in the worlds' most elegant shopping mall featuring Coach, Sonoma, a contemporary sculpture court and much more. It's also the dazzling new home of jazz at Lincoln Center directed by composer/conductor Winton Marsalis.

A couple of blocks later you're at Lincoln Center, a truly great architectural accomplishment as well as the world's most extraordinary center for music and dance. It's a wonderful neighbor, too, hosting festivals and other events such as summer swing dance all through the year. You can stop for a hot dog or haute cuisine there and a short stroll later you're home at 33 westend.

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